Modernise your radio

Have you found your grandparents' radio sleeping in an attic? Or have you simply found a beautiful old radio at a flea market?

Anyway, you love your radio and you want to make it really useful, otherwise you (probably) wouldn't be here!
It's your lucky day, we've got the solution for you... A dusting, a Bluetooth installation, the addition of a high-end signed speaker Focal speaker and you're set!
You can enjoy all the music from your phone on your old radio!
Modernise your radio by giving it a new lease of life, in line with new technologies...

I am modernising my radio

Focal & A.bsolument

Focal speaker installed in vintage radios a.bsolutely

A.bsolument has chosen to equip its radios with Focal loudspeakers, the market leader in high-fidelity, for over 40 years.
All our radios are labelled "Focal Inside", a guarantee of quality and know-how!

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Travel back in time with our connected vintage radios!

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