Powerful, responsible and timeless

Prodige is the first creation signed A.bsolument. Made in France with recycled and sustainable materials, it is the speaker of a lifetime with an iconic and timeless design. Its exceptional sound was developed in France by a team of passionate engineers and is equipped with Focal® speakers.

290 x 200 x 195 mm . 4650 gr

Adopt PRODIGE for life.

introductory offer € 590 690 including VAT of € 590,690 98.33

The birth of


Almost 10 years after the birth of A.bsolument, a new chapter has just opened...
After having given a second life to more than 5000 vintage radios by "reconnecting" them to our time, we are now looking towards the future by directing our passion for sound on a new playground: the creation of connected speakers.
Through these 2 distinct universes: vintage and modern, we aspire to offer all music lovers the best of both worlds.
A step marked by the evolution of our slogan from "Vintage Bluetooth Radios" to "Sound for the future".
The connected speaker of a lifetime, powerful, responsible and timeless.
"Prodige was born from a dream: to bring to life a modern version of a legendary object while preserving its original beauty and spirit.
A slightly nostalgic version that would trigger as many sensations and emotions.
A version that would pass through time without losing its prestige.
A declination that would be able to reinvent itself to become an ever-improving version of itself."


Timeless design

Prodige evokes emotion at first sight!
Inspired by the iconic jewel radios of the 1960s, its design immediately evokes memories of a charming, simple and robust era. It is reminiscent of the old Braun and Philips radios with their retro-futuristic design, symbols of an elegant and refined style.
Indeed, in the same spirit of timelessness, the aluminum casing and clean lines of Prodige have been designed to appeal to all generations: those of yesterday, today and tomorrow...

High fidelity

We worked for two years with great passion to create Prodige, a product with an exceptional sound. We assembled a formidable team of acoustic engineers to achieve sonic perfection. Equipped with Focal TAM drivers made in France, Prodige offers crystal clear highs and its bass-reflex technology gives it a very deep bass.

Focal Inside logo of the Focal brand

Responsible and sustainable

Prodige was designed with a special focus on the environment.
Made of responsible materials such as recycled aluminum, organic paint and wood from an eco-managed forest, it is also the result of a first class electronic design that gives it an extraordinary life span.

Made in France

Prodige is entirely assembled in France.
Assembled by hand in a workshop for disabled people, each piece produced is the subject of particular care guaranteeing an impeccable finish.
An exceptional quality which joins an ethical choice: that of actively supporting employment and inclusion of disabled people and contributing to a circular, local and solidarity economy.

Presentation of Prodige, the first radio of a.bsolument
  • Power

    Power 90W : 1x 60W in Class D for the woofer / 2x 15W in Class D for the tweeters

  • High fidelity

    Focal® TAM speakers and ultra-optimized audio processor for the unique PRODIGE architecture.

  • Fits your room

    Adjust the sound of Prodige according to your room with the 3 levels of bass offered.

  • Studio quality Bluetooth

    Bluetooth 5.2 aptX-HD multipoint, giving you the ability to play your high resolution files (Hi-Res) and connect multiple devices.

  • USB port

    Allows you to power an external device, such as a network player or voice assistant, and charge a smartphone.

  • 3.5mm jack input

    Connect a turntable, a network player, an old iPod, etc.

Delivery from March 15, 2023

A.bsolutely, service guarantee above all.

Focal speaker installed in vintage radios a.bsolutely

United by the same passion, the meeting between Focal and A.bsolument was obvious.

Focal, Listen beyond
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