Modernised living room radios

Living room radios

Exceptional radios, timeless, with a bewitching patina, sitting in your living room for the pleasure of your eyes and ears.

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Modernised mobile radios

Nomad radios

This little 1970s station is the perfect companion for a convivial moment with loved ones while having music at hand.

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Modernised K7 radios


Dare to be American! With a post on your shoulder, a confident walk, good music in the background and here you are in the streets of New York! Icons of the 80's, try to be original with the boomboxes also known as "ghettoblasters".

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The imperfect

Some of the radios we sell have a lot of life left in them... It would be too complicated to restore them completely. That's why we created "Les imparfaites", to save these old ladies by offering them at lower prices.

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The gems

The gems

Discover here the most beautiful radios we have found. Exceptional radios, as much for their rarity as for their state of conservation or impeccable restoration. Opt for great luxury.

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Wifi box allowing access to the multiroom

Our accessories

Equip your radios with additional accessories for an even more unique sound experience!

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Radio furniture

Combine the timeless design of antique furniture with the pleasure of listening to your music in the built-in radio cabinets offered by A.bsolument

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Vintage car radios

We offer the service of upgrading old car radios for vintage cars. A must to listen to your favorite music in your classic car! And all this without distorting the set.

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Discover PRODIGE

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A French manufacture made from recycled and sustainable materials. An iconic and timeless design. An exceptional sound. Equipped with Focal® speakers. Stereo. PRODIGE is the speaker of a lifetime.

Radio A.bsolument Prodige, reddot winner 2023!

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