Octavio Stream




The Octavio Stream is a Wifi audio receiver that allows you to fully enjoy the audio quality of your streaming services without any loss. It ensures an optimal audio quality (24 bits/192kHz) to enjoy your music in high fidelity. It offers you the possibility to create a multiroom set with several A.bsolument radios and/or any other audio system with an auxiliary input.
It will also allow you to create a wireless stereo if you have several A.bsolument radios.

118 x 21 x 64 mm

€ 199 including VAT from € 33.17

Brand : Octavio

Octavio is a French brand offering audio accessories to make music accessible everywhere in your home.

Do you have a family radio?

It's your lucky day, we have the solution for you...
You can enjoy all the music on your phone on your old radio!

I'm upgrading my radio
Focal speaker installed in vintage radios a.bsolutely

United by the same passion, the meeting between Focal and A.bsolument was obvious.

Focal, Listen beyond
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A.bsolutely, service guarantee above all.

FM/ DAB+ module

FM / DAB+ module

Listen to all your favourite FM stations thanks to the DAB module connected directly to your radio! Simple and efficient!


FLAX speaker

FLAX speaker

Enjoy a quality speaker made entirely in France and designed with durable materials such as aluminium and flax fibre. A real must-have to enhance the sound of your A.bsolument radio.


iSub subwoofer

iSub subwoofer

The iSub passive subwoofer perfectly enhances the bass of an A.bsolument modernized radio, especially thanks to the double ferrite driver and aluminum membrane. The installation of this ultra-compact box is simple and fast and does not require any power supply. It slips easily under furniture. Without a doubt, the best accessory for your old and modernized set!