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As an option for your radio, here is the flagship of the Made in France speakers, the new generation Focal Flax is entirely made in France and designed with durable materials such as aluminium and flax fibre. With its "M" profile tweeter, it benefits from a very low distortion and provides soft and clear highs, a real must to enhance the sound of your A.bsolument radio.

165 x 165 x 72 mm

€ 120 including VAT of € 20

Brand : Focal

Focal has been the world leader in the hi-fi sector since 1980.
The association of these two companies, which advocate "made in France" and value quality and craftsmanship, makes modernised vintage radios unique and of superior quality. The Focal Inside label attests to the craftsmanship and impeccable quality of the company's products, which has given it a national and international reputation.


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Born from a passion for music, new technologies and vintage, the company A.bsolument has taken up the challenge of modernising the old radios of our grandparents.

Modernised vintage radio photographed by Théo Gosselin

Focal & A.bsolument

Focal speaker installed in vintage radios a.bsolutely

A.bsolument has chosen to equip its radios with Focal loudspeakers, the market leader in high-fidelity, for over 40 years.
All our radios are labelled "Focal Inside", a guarantee of quality and know-how!

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