Turntable T1 BT Walnut




Enjoy this beautiful bluetooth turntable with its sober and elegant design, which will perfectly match your vintage A.bsolument radio. You will be able to connect this turntable to your A.bsolument radio through the bluetooth system. Rediscover the traditional sound of vinyl with the power and quality of Focal speakers. The Pro-Jet turntable is equipped with an Ortofon cell of excellent quality which allows to restore a quality sound without distortions. With the Pro-Ject T1 BT, the brand inaugurates its first 8mm glass platter, allowing the player's magnificent chassis to be enjoyed.

410 x 100 x 330 mm

€ 499 including VAT from € 83.17

Brand : Pro-ject

Pro-Ject Audio Systems was founded in 1991 by Heinz Lichtenegger in Vienna with the idea that analogue is the most economical way to listen to audiophile quality music.
Inspired by the desire to promote analogue in the face of the digital onslaught, Pro-Ject has become one of the main players in the vinyl renaissance with its reinvention of analogue turntables for the Hi-Fi market.


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Born from a passion for music, new technologies and vintage, the company A.bsolument has taken up the challenge of modernising the old radios of our grandparents.

Modernised vintage radio photographed by Théo Gosselin

Focal & A.bsolument

Focal speaker installed in vintage radios a.bsolutely

A.bsolument has chosen to equip its radios with Focal loudspeakers, the market leader in high-fidelity, for over 40 years.
All our radios are labelled "Focal Inside", a guarantee of quality and know-how!

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