Panasonic Vintage 80's Boombox


K7 radios, 1980s

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Beautiful radio cassette from the 80's with original design and colours! Let yourself be seduced by the charm of this radio cassette!


normal wear and tear over time

510 x 200 x 100 mm


Brand : Panasonic

Originally a Japanese company from the 1918s, Panasonic Corporation (formerly Matsushita) specialised in consumer electronics.
Fun fact about the company: It produces its own components and manufactures its products in Japan. Panasonic has also developed a music-oriented subsidiary: Ramsa.

Combine beauty and technology

True audio icons of the 80s, our updated Boomboxes retain all their original functions with the cassette player and FM radio.

We've added bluetooth and a rechargeable battery with 20 hours of battery life to enjoy your favourite playlists. With its original speakers, discover the quality of these boomboxes to be worn on the shoulder American style!


Normal wear: the set is in good overall condition, may have small time related marks but not very visible or visible up close.

Traces of life: the item may have traces of time, scratches or marks visible at 30 cm.

An FM/DAB module for X-ray capture

With our FM/DAB module you can listen to all the FM stations of your choice directly on your A.bsolument radio without having to use a telephone.


We install a Bluetooth system so you can freely listen to all your favorite music from your phone, computer or tablet on your vintage A.bsolutely radio!

12 hours of music ... everywhere.

Thanks to the rechargeable batteries, you can enjoy your music anywhere for 12 or 20 hours depending on your model!

Cassette player (k7)

In order to keep the charm of our sets as much as possible, we are revising our Boomboxes to be able to use the cassette mode! So get out your little tapes from the attic or from grandpa and press play!
Focal speaker installed in vintage radios a.bsolutely

United by the same passion, the meeting between Focal and A.bsolument was obvious.

Focal, Listen beyond
Learn more about our partnership with Focal


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Born from a passion for music, new technologies and vintage, the company A.bsolument has taken up the challenge of modernising the old radios of our grandparents.

Modernised vintage radio photographed by Théo Gosselin

a.bsolutely, service guarantee above all.

Bluetooth player

Turntable T1 BT Walnut

The prettiest Bluetooth player on the market; without hesitation, its design blends perfectly with our vintage radios thanks to its choice of noble materials.


Enjoy multiroom with ease

Audiocast ieast M5

AudioCast is a small device that plugs into your speaker to stream music via WiFi. Once set up, simply use your radio to play your favourite tunes through the best speakers in the house.

Wifi box allowing access to the multiroom

FLAX speaker

FLAX speaker

Enjoy a quality speaker made entirely in France and designed with durable materials such as aluminium and flax fibre. A real must-have to enhance the sound of your A.bsolument radio.