Radio Sonora Vintage 40's


The nuggets, 1940s

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Superb Sonora model of the 40's equipped with a Focal FLAX speaker! Let yourself be seduced by this radio passed through the hands of our cabinetmaker!

540 x 270 x 260 mm

€ 1300 VAT included of € 216.67

Brand : Sonora

An American company born in the 1830s, Sonora was initially a chime manufacturer, with the inscription "Seth Sonora chumes clock" in the middle of the dial. It was from this period that the slogan "clear as a bell" was born, which inspired the company's bell-shaped logo. During the Roaring Twenties, the company expanded with its phonograph radios.

Combine beauty and technology

Exceptional models, we offer you here a high quality range!

The living room radios are equipped with a high-end speaker made in France Focal Flax in flax fiber and we apply a special acoustic treatment with the acoustic foam "BAM" of Focal.

The mobile radios and Boomboxes keep their original speaker.

In order to guarantee you an optimal quality these radios were pampered by our cabinetmaker, who with his hands of fairies restores in the most beautiful way these stations of epochs!

50w analogue amplifier (class A/B)

All our radios are equipped with a 50 W analogue amplifier, allowing the sound of tube amplifiers to be reproduced with modern dynamics.


We install a Bluetooth system so you can freely listen to all your favorite music from your phone, computer or tablet on your vintage A.bsolutely radio!

3.5mm jack input

The jack allows you to connect any compatible device (turntable, CD player, ipod...) to your radio. You can then broadcast your music via your A.bsolument radio.

RCA output

You can connect a subwoofer via the RCA socket. Enjoy music with an even higher sound quality and deeper bass.

Focal Flax hi-fi speaker

Premium loudspeaker from Focal, it is a loudspeaker made of flax fibre, more ecological and durable, 100% Made in France. It will assure you quality and durability!

Backlighting of the display

When restoring your set we make sure to install backlighting bulbs on your dial so that your radio lights up when you turn it on!

Original functional On/Off button

In order to keep the charm of the old, we make sure to keep as many of the original elements as possible. Therefore the original button is configured to turn the radio on and off and also to adjust the volume!


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Born from a passion for music, new technologies and vintage, the company A.bsolument has taken up the challenge of modernising the old radios of our grandparents.

Modernised vintage radio photographed by Théo Gosselin

Focal & A.bsolument

Focal speaker installed in vintage radios a.bsolutely

A.bsolument has chosen to equip its radios with Focal loudspeakers, the market leader in high-fidelity, for over 40 years.
All our radios are labelled "Focal Inside", a guarantee of quality and know-how!

Focal logo

a.bsolutely, service guarantee above all.

FM/ DAB+ module

FM / DAB+ module

Listen to all your favourite FM stations thanks to the DAB module connected directly to your radio! Simple and efficient!


iSub subwoofer

iSub subwoofer

The iSub passive subwoofer perfectly enhances the bass of an A.bsolument modernized radio, especially thanks to the double ferrite driver and aluminum membrane. The installation of this ultra-compact box is simple and fast and does not require any power supply. It slips easily under furniture. Without a doubt, the best accessory for your old and modernized set!


Bluetooth player

Turntable T1 BT Walnut

The prettiest Bluetooth player on the market; without hesitation, its design blends perfectly with our vintage radios thanks to its choice of noble materials.