I bathe since very young in the universe of the music and the Jazz, until my 10 years, I slept in the cover of my father's double bass during his concerts, my childhood was rocked by improvised jam sessions at home, I could hardly count to 10 but I had already heard hundreds of pieces of Jazz ... Very attracted by design and architecture, I am quickly passionate about vintage objects and this part I owe it to my mother, a scholar of objects of all kinds that she modified to offer them a new life, sometimes unrelated to their original vocation. I can safely say that it really influenced my choices throughout my life and led me to my fabulous current job: modernize vintage radios.


The cream of manufacturing experience and diversion of music listening system ...

In his rock musician debut, his parents refused to buy him an amp for his guitar to avoid having ears whistling. Not stubborn, he decides to go get the radio from salon and graft him a jack to connect his guitar ...


Since November 2016, Sylvain is in charge of the modernization of our fabulous bluetooth vintage radios. He is simply talented. Address, reflection and skill are his strengths. He became a personality of our company and was quickly infected with the exciting virus of modernizing vintage radios!