Focal Inside


A.bsolument & Focal Inside : the meeting of exceptional skills.


When two brands as passionate about music as A.bsolument and Focal meet, it results in unique, vintage, Bluetooth radios, with worldwide renowned speakers.


On one side : A.bsolument, the very first brand in the world to provide a service of vintage radios modernization. It has also been the leader in this field since 2015.


On the other side : Focal, famous French brand, international leader in the making of high-fidelity solutions. Its “made in France” expertise has been renowned for almost 40 years.



Upgrading a radio requires various ingredients : an audio power amplifier, micro components, but above all, a speaker. It’s for this last ingredient that A.bsolument chose Focal : “Both our brands, based in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, share a common vision”. They support a French expertise, an impeccable quality of sustainable and artisanal design and conception as well as an immense passion for music. Most importantly, they share the same goal : satisfying each of their clients as best they can.


Back in 2015, during Arthur’s first encounter with Focal’s commercial management, there was still a long way to go.


Focal suggested many changes, norms, selected components, manufacturing process… Simply put, we needed to structure our company before we could aspire to a partnership with Focal.


In September 2018 Focal gave us its approval and its label “Focal Inside”, including three finishing levels : Authentic, Signature and Infinity. Sets in which state-of-the-art technologies merge to ensure ever-improving sound performances.


It was obvious that someday our paths would cross”.


A.bsolument & Focal Inside means that all of our modernized radios are equipped with Focal speakers. It is a real asset for the sound quality of our radios, from amateurs to unconditional music lovers...






Focal Performance Access 165 AC 120W → See the product sheet on the Focal website


• DFS® fiberglass membrane High strength (power handling, wet weather conditions ..)


• Inverted aluminum dome for excellent spatialization


• Butyl suspension for consistency of performance


• 20% Fiberglass reinforced ABS chassis Rigid, non-magnetic and anti-resonant chassis


• 25 mm coil / 2 layers on Kapton® support High power capacity






Finish "Infinity":




Focal Performance Expert PC 165 Flax 140W → See the product sheet on the Focal website


• FLAX membrane Natural sound without coloring Great dynamics Natural reproduction


• Etching the serial number on the suspension


• Excellent Butyl Suspension held in time


• Chassis Aluminum Rigid and non-magnetic Design / Excursion


• Aluminum / Magnesium inverted dome tweeter Softness and definition without directivity


• Poron suspension for longer life




B.A.M Acoustic Focal → See the product sheet on the Focal website


• Increases the level of bass


• Replaces the Plain Singing


• Attenuates the backwave of the speaker


 Foam cushioning - Like the acoustic foam inside an enclosure, the cushioned honeycomb attenuates the backwash of the speaker and increases the performance of the loudspeaker.


Aluminum foil - Essential component for achieving the sandwich effect. This process increases the performance of the viscoelastic complex.


Viscoelastic Complex - Self-adhesive, the butyl complex absorbs the vibrations of the surface with which it is in contact.




Here are some montage photos: