The concept

Mixing authenticity & modernity

A.bsolument Vintage Radios: this name was chosen to represent a French brand, brand name beginning with «A» to recall the name of the creator whose name is Arthur.

This entity also represents a strong value: to show that nothing is impossible, that the optimism of the creator has allowed him to develop his project, mixing the authenticity of a noble product with modernity.

A.bsolument Vintage Radios require many hours of work. Indeed, a new audio system is integrated: analogue amplifier module 50W, 3-way speaker, and finally, a Bluetooth 4.0 system combines sound quality and energy savings. A connection to new technologies enables us to offer a product that meets current expectations, while conserving the vintage charm. A 3.5mm input is also part of the options provided for greater compatibility. 


"Respecting its history, give it a second life"

Unique, aesthetic and connected. Since 2011, A.BSOLUMENT is positioned as the first leading brand to the installation of new technologies in authentic vintage radios and old audio furniture. Transforming a vintage radio with art deco lines by offering a new sound, incorporating current technology. It’s an ingenious idea of the young French brand ABSOLUMENT VINTAGE RADIOS. This allows it to stream music from a computer or smartphone on a beautiful object for years 10, 20, 30, until 60 years, replacing the original components with new ones such as: Bluetooth, input jack, speaker, light kind of origin ...

The goal is to preserve the beauty and charm of this ancient object, while modernizing it. 


Craft and commitment

We give a second life to old radios and transistor TSF by offering modern technology. The first difficulty is to find radios, this requires a significant research time, especially as we guarantee our customers that we will never work twice on the same model. After we find a radio, we start the thorough cleaning, restoring the inside acoustic part (sealing, timber size to accommodate the new speaker).
Radios that we select are often visible traces of wear. This is a bias, which is exactly what gives a unique radio side, it already sat in the living
room of its owner 60 years ago and sometimes more! Be proud showing that your radio had a history before and crossed the times! 


Powerful and connection

The second part of our work is the technical aspect and integration of the latest components in radios. 3-way speaker, analogue 50W power amplifier (to recreate the sound of tube amps), Bluetooth 4.0, 3.5mm jack input. For aesthetic respect we reintegrate bulbs backlight of the framing on which appear the old radio stations.

All our components are carefully selected, they all come from Germany and France guaranteeing an amazing result. The quality of our work lies also in the time we spend to achieve it.

Indeed, nowadays there is no place for craftsmanship that is doing only his job, we want someone doing a good job! So, 3 working days are needed to modernize a radio.

Be seduced and be sure to never see the same radio «a.bsolument» in someone else.