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After several years of research, we are now able to cover the entire spectrum of what were the best years of audio design. From 1930 to 1989, our know-how and our selection can awaken the memories of each of us.

For audio quality: 30-60's range thanks in particular to the use of Focal speakers and a 50W analog amplifier.

For portability: 70's range on rechargeable battery, sublime travel companion.

To listen to its cassettes: 80's range with incredible boomboxes, restored and modernized, they still have their FM and K7 functions with bluetooth and a huge integrated battery.

Transistors 70's
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For a while, the transistor was a real technological masterpiece, combining portability and style, we decided not to drop them and make their best assets shine again.

Bluetooth, rechargeable battery, original speaker and 5W digital amplifier.

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Radios 30-60's
Radios 30-60's

Find here all our selection of modernized vintage radios dating from 1930 to 1960. Each radio is unique in terms of look but also of sound. Each radio is equipped with the same 50W analog amplifier, only the size of the speakers can change depending on the space that each radio offers. Technical characteristics: Backlighting lights, volume control button on the front, Focal® speaker, Bluetooth 4.2 aptX, 3.5mm jack input and subwoofer output.

The hardest part is choosing ...

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A jewel of craftsmanship at A.bsolument, the Infinity finish is based on radios like new, fully restored by our cabinetmaker, this finish is also equipped with all the features
 such as the APTX Bluetooth, 3.5mm jack, 50W analog amp, front volume knob and backlighting of the old station dial and speaker with quality frequency filter
superior signed Focal (manufacture Stéphanoise). To enjoy your favorite radio shows, you will be able to choose our standalone FM module as an option.

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Entrust us with your radio

You just found the family radio? You have a great radio on a flea market?
No matter how you get it, you can give it to us and enjoy your favorite FM radio stations or your music via Bluetooth® aptX or jack on your vintage radio!

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