A simplified sound revolution for your establishment.

Tshoko & A.absolutely

Transform and control the ambiance of your spaces with the intuitive music management of Tshoko and the superior sound quality of A.absolument.

A.bsolument - Enceintes puissantes et responsables primées

Advanced Music Management

Plan and adapt music streaming with ease thanks to our user-friendly platform, ensuring the perfect ambiance at all times.

Flexibility of Control

Control music remotely, manage multiple zones and integrate personalized audio messages, all from a single interface.

A.bsolument - Enceintes puissantes et responsables primées

Premium Acoustic Quality

High-quality sound experience with eco-designed speakers, combining durability and acoustic excellence.

Design and Durability

Our products are designed to integrate harmoniously into any decor while respecting the environment.


Plug & Play

Create your musical ambiance schedule, plug in your PRODIGE Tshoko and let the magic happen.



With PRODIGE, be sure to have a product that is always up to date, repairable and made with recycled materials.



Tshoko and A.bsolument are two committed French companies. This guarantees you maximum quality and exceptional customer relations.

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Elevate your customers' experience.

Ideal for chain stores, hotels, restaurants and senior residences that want to enrich their customers' experience.

A.bsolument - Enceintes puissantes et responsables priméesA.bsolument - Enceintes puissantes et responsables primées
Enceinte classique type Sonos / Marshall / Devialet Enceinte PRODIGE by Tshoko
Gestion des horaires Besoin d’allumer et d’éteindre l’enceinte tous les jours Automatisé
Brandée C-Media et/ou groupement final Non Oui
Garantie 2 ans 5 ans, extensible à 60€HT/an/enceinte sans limite de temps
Coût set-up Tshoko Non-Inclus Inclus
Achat RSE Non Oui
Qualité haute-définition Non Oui (Focal)
Wifi pré-paramétrable Non Oui
Fabriqué en France Non Oui
Source vérifiable Non Oui