Upgrade your radio

Did you find your grandparents' radio sleeping in an attic? Or did you simply hunt down a sublime old radio at a flea market?

Either way, you love your radio and want to make it really useful, otherwise you (probably) wouldn't be here!
It's your lucky day, we have the solution for you… A bit of dust removal, a Bluetooth installation, the addition of a high-end loudspeaker signed Focal and you're done!
You can enjoy all the music on your phone on your old radio!
Modernize your radio by giving it a second wind, to the rhythm of new technologies...

Upgrade my radio

Frequently Asked Questions

Modernization FAQs

What is Vintage Post Modernization?

In order to give a second life to these objects filled with stories and charm, we suggest that you modernize your workstations. It is now possible for you to revive your grandparents' post to the rhythms of new technologies.

We install a Bluetooth system inside allowing you to connect via your phone or other device to listen to all your favorite music!

The original functions of the stations such as the radio will not work. We don't repair them, we modernize them, give them a second life!

What is the modernization process?

The modernization process varies according to the product line.

For living room radios from the 30s to the 60s it includes:

  • A new Focal loudspeaker
  • A new 50W amplifier
  • A Bluetooth module
  • The ON/OFF function and volume adjustment on the original button
  • The backlight of the dial
  • A jack input
  • An RCA output

For nomadic radios from the 70s:

  • A Bluetooth module
  • A rechargeable battery

For k7 radios from the 80's:

  • A Bluetooth module
  • A rechargeable battery
  • Cassette and FM function

What is the cost of a modernization?

The price varies according to the positions and services chosen. The standard packages for the different ranges are as follows:

To find out more, do not hesitate to fill out the form or contact us by email: hello@a-bsolument.fr or by phone at

Is it possible to customize its modernization?

Yes, it is possible to customize its retrofit with additional internal and external accessories.

For example, it is possible to change the standard loudspeaker to a high-end loudspeaker. All information is in the modernization form.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by email: hello@a-bsolument.fr or by phone at

What is the warranty for this service?

All radios retrofitted by A.bsolument are covered by a 2-year parts and labor warranty running from the date of acquisition by the end customer.

If the customer wishes to update his radio beyond this period, a price will be charged to him.

What is the modernization timeframe?

Modernization times may vary depending on the activity of the company. Each position being unique, they all require special attention!

The approximate time is about 7 to 10 working days.

What are the delivery methods?

Two delivery methods are available to you.

  • The withdrawal of your position directly within our workshop
  • Home delivery or relay point as soon as possible via TNT for metropolitan France (at our expense) For foreign countries, the carrier varies depending on the country.