Eco-made speakers in France

Scalable, repairable speakers, made in France with recycled materials and Focal speakers... You'll only find them here.

  • High fidelity

    PRODIGE does not compromise on audio quality:

    👉🏻 2 Focal TAM tweeters of 15W each

    👉🏻 1 x 60W woofer

    👉🏻 Bluetooth 5.2 aptx-HD - Multipoint

    👉🏻 90W class D amplification

    👉🏻 Stereo

  • Eco-designed

    PRODIGE is made with recycled materials:

    👉🏻 Aluminum collected and recycled in France

    👉🏻 PEFC wood from eco-managed forests

    👉🏻 70% organic paint made of seaweed and vegetables

  • Sustainable

    PRODIGE is the 1st loudspeaker designed without planned obsolescence:

    👉🏻 Designed to last 1 century

    👉🏻 User serviceable

    👉🏻 Scalable over time

    👉🏻 Robust

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