Collection: Refurbished

Discover our “ ReVibe ” program: High-end, durable and reconditioned speakers.

At A.absolument, we aim for an approach that combines sonic perfection with a deep commitment to the environment. Our “ ReVibe ” program embodies our devotion to sustainability while delivering exceptional quality high-fidelity speakers that do not meet our rigorous aesthetic criteria to be sold in the conventional channel. Like a small bubble on the paint or a visible knot on the edge of the wood.

Exceptional value for money:
To support our commitment to ecology, we have decided to make these speakers available at a reduced price. However, rest assured that, despite these aesthetic imperfections, the electronics of each " ReVibe " speaker are new and work perfectly.

2 year warranty:
Each speaker comes with a two-year warranty as for a traditional product.

Be part of this sonic revolution and discover how perfection can also be responsible.