Radiola Vintage 60'S Bluetooth Radio

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Discover the charm of the past with our Radiola Vintage 60's Bluetooth Radio. This unit is an authentic replica of vintage radios from the 60s, with a modern twist. It is equipped with Bluetooth technology to allow you to play your favorite music from your smartphone or other compatible device.

Despite its retro look, this radio has everything you need for a modern listening experience. Note, however, that radio reception is not available, but you can use an FM/DAB module to receive the radio.

The Radiola Vintage 60's Bluetooth Radio is perfect for adding a vintage touch to your interior decor while enjoying modern technology. It's an ideal choice for those who love vintage style but don't want to sacrifice modern conveniences. Don't wait, experience the best of both worlds with the Radiola Vintage 60's Bluetooth Radio.

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