Absolutely, our presence on television and radio.

A.bsolument, notre présence à la télévision et à la radio. - A.bsolument - Enceintes puissantes et responsables primées

We hid it from you, but we are delighted to share this news with you: since the beginning of the year, A.absolument has now advertised on television and radio. We have made this strategic decision for 2024 in order to reach a wider audience and share our passion and values ​​with even more people.

Why Television and Radio?

In a world dominated by digital, we have chosen to explore traditional media to reach a wider audience. Television and radio allow us to communicate with millions of people who are not necessarily connected online. By combining television, radio and our online campaigns, we hope to deliver a cohesive and omnipresent brand experience.

Discover Our Advertising Spots

Our television advertising spots are broadcast in broadcasts on the main national channels. They highlight our flagship product: the PRODIGE Bluetooth speaker, with captivating visuals and clear messages. Our radio spots, on the other hand, are broadcast on popular radio stations and talk about our A.absolument brand.

We are present on screen in flagship shows such as Question pour un Super Champion on France 3. We are also on the air on your favorite stations like RTL, RMC or even Europe 1 .

Television advertising spot to discover.
Radio advertising spot to discover.


Since the start of this campaign, we have received a lot of positive feedback. At A.bsolument, we are convinced that this new strategy will allow us to strengthen our presence and share our passion with an even wider audience.

Thank you for your loyalty, and see you soon on your screens and your favorite airwaves!

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