Portrait: Dieter Rams, the father of the handsome.

Dieter Rams is a renowned German industrial designer, famous for his work at Braun. His contribution to the design of electronic products, especially radios, was a real turning point in the history of design. In this article, we are going to focus on Rams' work at Braun with regards to radios and their impact on the world of product design.

The radio is one of the first products Rams worked on at Braun. The SK4 radio , also known as 'Snow White's Coffin', was a real hit when it was launched in 1956. The radio had a simple wooden square shape, with a white perspex plate on top. This plate was not only aesthetic, but it also served as a control panel for the radio. The sleek and minimalist design of the radio was a real revolution for the time. Retrofuturism at its peak.

The radios designed by Rams at Braun were all characterized by their simplicity, functionality and elegance. The T1000 radio , launched in 1963, was another example of his minimalist approach. The radio had a polished aluminum case and a telescopic antenna. The buttons were logically laid out, allowing for intuitive use. The radio was also equipped with a stereo tuner, which was a novelty at the time.

The RT20 radio , launched in 1961, was another significant Rams achievement. It had an elegant design, with a simple rectangular shape and rounded edges. The metal case had a brushed aluminum finish, which was very popular at the time. The radio also had a bright display and chrome control knobs, which added a touch of sophistication.

The radios designed by Rams at Braun influenced many other designers and were considered classics of industrial design. Their sleek and minimalist aesthetic has been taken up in many other products, including speakers, smartphones and many products from the famous apple brand, to name but a few.

Rams' design philosophy was user-centric, with particular attention paid to functionality and ergonomics. The radios (jewels) he designed were easy to use and maintain, with simple shapes and logical buttons. The radios also came with innovative features, such as stereo tuners and bright displays.

Rams' work at Braun also had an impact on the design industry in general. He helped establish industrial design as a discipline in its own right, with attention to functionality, simplicity and aesthetics. Rams was also a pioneer in using new materials such as plastic and aluminum in product design.

In conclusion, Dieter Rams' work at Braun revolutionized the design of electronic products, especially radios. His clean and functional designs have influenced many other designers and still look so modern 50 years later...

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