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PRODIGE awarded at the Red Dot Design Award 2023.

The world of design is in turmoil! The PRODIGE product has just been elected "Product Design 2023" by the Red Dot Design Award, the most prestigious design label in the world. This award highlights the excellence of the team of talented designers who worked on this exceptional product.

THE Red Dot Design Award is a prestigious award that has been given for more than 60 years to products that stand out for their excellence in design. Each year, tens of thousands of applications are submitted to the jury made up of renowned designers, specialized journalists and marketing experts.

PRODIGY was evaluated on the basis of several criteria, including innovation, functionality, design quality, durability and ecological compatibility. It was selected from thousands of products submitted for judging and was declared the winner in the category "Product Design 2023" .

For the PRODIGE design team, this recognition is a real boost. Their hard work has been recognized by the world's top design experts, giving us great motivation to continue creating exceptional products.

As a consumer, this reward gives you the guarantee that PRODIGY is of the highest quality in design, innovation and functionality.

For Absolutely , this reward can open great doors. Indeed, companies that win the Red Dot Design Award are often approached by distributors and business partners looking to work with innovative and forward-thinking companies. In addition, it allows the company to stand out from the competition by highlighting its ability to create innovative and high quality products.

Ultimately, PRODIGE is a perfect example of the importance of design in creating exceptional products. With this award, A.bsolument has proven that innovation and quality design can make the difference between an ordinary product and an exceptional product.

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