Absolutely interviewed in Le grand unboxing!

At A.bsolument, we had the pleasure of welcoming Son-Vidéo.com so that they could discover our work on vintage radios and on PRODIGE .

On the program of this interview, if you do not yet know the history of the company, it will be told by its founder, Arthur Verne.
You will learn everything about PRODIGE , our first creation, from the choice of the Bluetooth codec to the design of our speaker.

If you are curious to learn more about its eco-responsibility, its Made In France design, and above all understand how PRODIGE will be able to survive the decades... Take an exclusive look behind the scenes of our workshops.
As for our future projects, some will be revealed; To find out, watch the video until the end!

We won't say more. To see this fascinating interview, it’s HERE !

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