Philips Vintage 50's Bluetooth Radio

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Discover the Philips Vintage 50'S Bluetooth Radio , a harmonious blend of modern technology and retro design.

This radio takes you back to the 50s with its vintage look, while giving you the convenience of Bluetooth streaming. Listen to your favorite music wirelessly from your smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth device.

The sound quality is exceptional thanks to Philips technology. The careful finishes, nostalgic dial and rotary buttons add an authentic touch.

But that's not all ! The Philips Vintage 50'S Bluetooth Radio has an FM tuner to listen to your favorite radio stations.

Don't wait any longer, treat yourself to a unique listening experience with this technological jewel with the charm of yesteryear. Become one of the happy owners of this magnificent Philips Vintage 50’S Bluetooth Radio now!

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Time travel.


Discover the technical characteristics of this superb modernized radio.

Focal® speaker

All our radios are equipped with Focal Performance Coaxial 120W loudspeakers, a world reference in the high fidelity sector.


We install a Bluetooth system so that you can freely listen to all your favorite music from your phone, computer or tablet on your vintage radio A.bsolument!

Dial backlight

When restoring your set, we make sure to install backlight bulbs on your dial so that your radio lights up when you turn it on!

Original On/Off/Volume button

In order to keep the charm of the old we take care to keep the maximum of original element. As a result, the original button is configured to turn the radio on and off and also to adjust the volume!

50W analog amplifier

All our radios are equipped with a 50 W analog amplifier to transcribe the sound of tube amps while enjoying modern dynamics.


The Jack socket allows you to connect different devices to your radio to broadcast music. The RCA jack allows you to connect a subwoofer for premium sound and deep bass.

Living room radios.


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