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Sonneclair Vintage 50'S Bluetooth Radio

Sonneclair Vintage 50'S Bluetooth Radio

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Discover the Sonneclair Vintage Bluetooth radio, featuring a beautiful, simple but elegant wooden front. Enjoy this fusion of simple aesthetics and the practicality of Bluetooth for total immersion in the classic era of radio.

Size: 52 x 34 x 20cm


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  • Focal Speaker

    All our radios are equipped with Focal Performance Coaxial 120W loudspeakers, a world reference in the high fidelity sector.

  • 50w analog amplifier (class A/B)

    All our radios are equipped with a 50 W analog amplifier to transcribe the sound of tube amps while enjoying modern dynamics.

  • Bluetooth

    We install a Bluetooth system so that you can freely listen to all your favorite music from your phone, computer or tablet on your vintage radio A.bsolument!

  • 3.5mm jack input

    The Jack socket allows you to connect any compatible device (turntable, CD player, iPod, etc.) to your radio. You will be able to broadcast your music via your A.bsolument radio.

  • RCA output

    You have the possibility thanks to the RCA socket to connect a subwoofer. Enjoy music with even higher sound quality and deep bass.

  • Display backlight

    When restoring your set, we make sure to install backlight bulbs on your dial so that your radio lights up when you turn it on!

  • Functional original On/Off button

    In order to keep the charm of the old we take care to keep the maximum of original element. As a result, the original button is configured to turn the radio on and off and also to adjust the volume!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Home Radio FAQs

What is the process for retrofitting home radios?

The living room radio upgrade process includes the following:

  • A new Focal loudspeaker
  • A new 50W amplifier
  • A Bluetooth module
  • The ON/OFF function and volume adjustment on the original button
  • The backlight of the dial
  • A jack input
  • An RCA output

What is the product warranty?

All A.bsolument home radios are covered by a 2-year parts and labor warranty from the date of purchase by the end customer.

If the customer wishes to update his radio beyond this period, a price will be charged to him.

Is it possible to listen to the radio?

Unfortunately not directly via post. Indeed after the modernization of the posts, the latter lose their original functions to become a Bluetooth speaker.

However, we offer an external accessory that allows you to listen to all the FM stations of your choice by plugging it in via the jack socket. This is the FM/DAB+ Module available on our website.

What is the delivery delay

Delivery times may vary depending on the activity of the company. As our radios are unique products, they all require special attention!

The approximate time is about 3 to 5 working days.

What are the delivery methods?

Two delivery methods are available to you.

  • The withdrawal of your position directly within our workshop
  • Delivery to your home or relay point as soon as possible via TNT for metropolitan France. For abroad the carrier varies according to the country.

Where do the posts come from?

Collectors, flea markets, garage sales, etc., we take pleasure in finding the most beautiful objects in order to offer you positions rich in history, authenticity and charm.