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Hitachi Vintage 80's Bluetooth Boombox

Hitachi Vintage 80's Bluetooth Boombox

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Icon of the 80s, this B oombox from the Hitachi brand will bring back memories! This story-filled post features an unfortunately no longer functional cassette player! Modernized with modern technology, listen to your favorite playlists via Bluetooth, directly on your radio.

Size: 54 x 18 x 19cm


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  • Bluetooth

    We install a Bluetooth system so that you can freely listen to all your favorite music from your phone, computer or tablet on your vintage radio A.bsolument!

  • 12 hours of music ... everywhere.

    Thanks to the rechargeable batteries, enjoy your music anywhere for 12 or 20 hours depending on your model!

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Les imperfectes - Radio K7

What is "The Imperfect"?

Some radios that we find have more significant traces of life... It would be too complicated to restore them entirely. That's why we created "Les imperfectes", to save these old ladies by offering them at lower prices.

What is the process for upgrading k7 radios?

The retrofit process for imperfect k7 radios is the same as for the classic range.

Unlike living room radios, we leave the original speaker in order to keep the vintage charm.

We install a Bluetooth system inside as well as a rechargeable battery so you can listen to your music anywhere!

What is the product warranty?

All A.bsolument imperfect k7 radios are covered by a 2-year parts and labor warranty running from the date of purchase by the end customer.

If the customer wishes to update his radio beyond this period, a price will be charged to him.

Is it possible to listen to the radio and cassettes?

Unlike the classic range of k7 radios , the cassettes do not always work. It depends on the model and its state of preservation! The same is true for the radio.

It will be specified if the radio and the cassettes work or not in the product sheet!

What is the delivery delay ?

Delivery times may vary depending on the activity of the company. Our radios being unique products, they all require special attention, especially k7 radios , which is why the delays are more important on this range.

The approximate time is about 7 to 10 working days.

What are the delivery methods?

Two delivery methods are available to you.

  • The withdrawal of your position directly within our workshop
  • Delivery to your home or relay point as soon as possible via TNT for metropolitan France. For abroad the carrier varies according to the country.