Hitachi Vintage 80's Bluetooth Boombox

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Icon of the 80s, this B oombox from the Hitachi brand will bring back memories! This story-filled post features an unfortunately no longer functional cassette player! Modernized with modern technology, listen to your favorite playlists via Bluetooth, directly on your radio.

Size: 54 x 18 x 19cm

Time travel.


Discover the technical characteristics of this superb modernized radio.

Original speakers

The boomboxes have a very interesting original sound, we choose to keep the original speakers to maintain a certain audio authenticity!


We install a Bluetooth system so that you can freely listen to all your favorite music from your phone, computer or tablet on your vintage radio A.bsolument!

Cassette player (k7)

In order to keep the charm of our stations as much as possible, we are revising our Boomboxes in order to be able to use the cassette mode! So take out your little cassettes from the attic or from grandpa and press play!

Original On/Off/Volume button

In order to keep the charm of the old we take care to keep the maximum of original element. As a result, the original button is configured to turn the radio on and off and also to adjust the volume!

Up to 20 hours of music

Thanks to the rechargeable batteries, enjoy your music anywhere for 12 or 20 hours depending on your model!

Boombox radios.


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